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About Vee Kay Vee Industries

Passing down traditions through generations.

VeeKayVee Industries, established in 1974 as Shanthi Industries, is a passionate family-run furniture manufacturing business with a proud tradition spanning generations. With a deepseated desire to create the highest quality pieces that uniquely blend style and unwavering dedication, the family shares the dream of satisfying their customers. Founder V. Karunanidhi started the company without proper industrial infrastructure in the backyard of their home. V.Karunanidhi’s family was always there to lend a helping hand, from bending steel to painting it. Our Founder’s introduction of the S-type chair in Erode district is a source of pride for us. As demand and reputation grew, the family rented commercial space and rebranded as VKV Industries to commemorate the hard work and sacrifices of the entire family.

V.K. Karthiyekan, the eldest son, shared his father’s dream and shifted from Erode to Thanjavur to fuel their ambition, sensing demand-led growth. He took over the business and built a modern industrial setup to meet the growing reputation of the company. Following in his father’s footsteps, he continues to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

V.K. Prabu, son of V.K.Karthikeyan, joined the business in 2021 as a third-generation successor. With a keen eye towards innovation and progress, he has been spearheading a movement to modernize and expand the enterprise, breathing new life into its age-old traditions.

Through years of hard work, competition, and struggles, VeeKayVee Industries is now among the finest furniture manufacturing companies in Thanjavur, with a well-known brand reputation among dealers throughout Tamil Nadu. The company aspires to manufacture high-quality furniture that will last for generations and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

At VeeKayVee, our highly skilled team specializes in creating bespoke furniture that meets our customers’ specific requirements. We take careful note of their needs and preferences to deliver the highest quality custom pieces of furniture.

At the core of any outstanding furniture company lies its workshop, where ideas take shape and countless hours are spent developing new products. At VeeKayVee Industries, we understand the importance of a well-equipped production facility and a skilled team to run it. That’s why we have heavily invested in our 28,000 square foot workshop, where we handle all fabrication and welding, metal polishing, powder coating, spray painting, assembly, and dispatch.

Our metalwork department boasts of three welding bays and cutting, drilling, and finishing machinery, including imported equipment such as a cutting and shearing machine, Press Brake, and Corner Notching Machines. To ensure the best finish, we use an imported gun, Sames Kremlin, typically used for car painting, to paint our products.

Our assembly team brings everything together, utilizing fully stocked stores of components and fixings and precise assembly benches. Once the finished items pass our quality checks, we carefully wrap and store them for dispatch.

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We are maintaning the Higher level of Quality in manufacturing steel furnitures

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Our commitment to providing the best quality Steel products for our clients to make sure they are satisfied with our manufacturing.

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Being Capitalised in the market we create Modern furnitures from our Industry.

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With cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, we craft furniture that embodies the perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship.

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